Jelly Jillions Slot Overview

ReelPlay takes a break from Hyper-ing, 10K-ing, and Infinity Reel-ing to try its hand at the famous candied market. The name Jelly Jillions may vary depending on where players live. Jelly is a bouncy, sweet, gelatinous snack for some and jam for North Americans. I didn’t want to get all morphological in the first paragraph, so let’s get back to eating Jelly Jillions and seeing what it has to give.

Jelly Jillions depicts a candy-coated universe where everything at ground level is delightful. A pink, sweet-encrusted countryside with a light blue, overcast sky is crossed by a yellow brick road. A charming music completes a candy-themed slot’s comfortingly familiar audiovisual experience. Candy enthusiasts may love Jelly Jillions, but others may gag at the notion of playing another one.

For those in the former type, choosing a bet is one of the first steps to Jelly Jillions’ sweet world. Jelly Jillions has no bonus buys and offers 20 p/c to £/€15. It has two RTP variations, defaults at 96.05% and medium-high volatile. Wins are awarded on a 6×6 grid using cluster payouts.

If at least 5 matching symbols land in vertical or horizontal directions, players win and are paid. Because wilds substitute for any pay symbol and multiply symbol wins by x4, they provide extra cash. The game has eight normal pay symbols that are candied things of varying colors. Hitting a cluster of 5 matching non-wild symbols pays 0.15x to 1x the stake, while 15+ pays 10 to 250x.

Jelly Jillions Slot Features

Jelly Jillions’ characteristics are simple like their sweet emblems. Check out the cascading winnings and Bonus Respins.

Cascading wins

The cascade feature removes winning cluster symbols and replaces them with symbols from above. Cascades continue until no win appears.

Bonus Respins

The 4 reward values on the reels come into play now. Players receive 3 Bonus Respins for 5 scatter symbols. The triggering scatters occur on a board with just scatters or blanks during the base game-bonus round transition. Landing a scatter locks it and resets the spin count to 3. Scatters reveal 1–100x the bet or additional prizes. The Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand bonus prizes are 10x, 50x, 250x, or 2,000x the stake. All scatters on the board are valued after the round. Bonus Respins hit 1 in 98.04 spins.

Jelly Jillions Slot Review

Would Willy Wonka have created Jelly Jillions a candy bar? Unlikely. So it’s not Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. The game sheet says ‘Simple and sweet’, which is accurate. Jelly Jillions may have seemed like something Pragmatic Pay might have dropped, but it lacks the one innovation Pragmatic Play routinely injects into its slots. You can’t change the fact that candy slots are usually set in pink, pastey environments full of junk food. Jelly Jillions’ gameplay is also unremarkable.

Jelly Jillions involves cluster wins and cascades till Bonus Respins occur, then hitting as many scatter symbols as possible to win. Wins max out at 1,418x in the regular game and 4,315.3x in the bonus round, not jillions. It’s dry and simple, but that may draw players. The experience resembled Hyper Respins sans Bombs or Hyper symbols. In this day of larger, more complicated, and more clever, Jelly Jillions’ simplicity is almost commendable.

However, the features weren’t engaging or intriguing. Players will soon be able to tell if Jelly Jillions is the simple candy wonderland they’ve been waiting for or if it’s like buying a bulk bag of chocolate from a discount store that tastes weird. The feature hit rate is low.

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