Intro to the Slot Game “Miner Donkey”

You don’t need us to inform you that slots related to gold mining are quite popular. Play’n GO, a Swedish software company, uses a tried-and-true comedic device to distinguish their product apart from the competition. Imagine the antics of Will Farrell and John C. Reilly, or those of Rogan and Franco, Wilder and Pryor, Stiller and Owen, or Jay and Silent Bob. Of course, we’re referring to the hysterical antics of the comic pair. Play’n GO’s Miner Donkey Trouble slot machine takes this idea one step further by making it interspecial by giving the donkey human emotions and pairing him with a jaded but upbeat 19th-century gold miner.c

They’re located next to a 5×7 grid that, on average, drops 35 jewels, nuggets, or special symbols into play with every spin. Both of the people seem quite familiar. The miner, because characters of his kind appear, dressed similarly, in virtually every slot machine ever made with a mining theme. Imagine him in overalls and blue trousers, with a neckerchief tucked under his cowboy hat’s tilted brim and a full, bushy mustache. He’s clearly upset with his companion, as he stands firmly on the other side of the screen, channeling his inner Angry Donkey from Shrek. This guy won’t make you too many waffles.

Any electronic equipment, from mobile phones to personal computers, may be used to jumpstart the search for nuggets. Play’n GO is the undisputed king of the grid slot format, and a big reason for that is that they figured out how to make mathematical models that work with the format. We get a very volatile one (8 out of 10) in Miner Donkey Trouble, but it’s a little more balanced than some of their other offerings, so you can expect longer streaks of consecutive wins with less dull periods in between. Play’n GO offers a range of RTPs, with Miner Donkey Trouble’s starting at 96.27 percent. Since RTP is sometimes removed, before choosing a stake of 10 p/c to $/€100 and starting down the shaft, it is important to read the documentation.

In Miner Donkey Trouble, a winning combination consists of five or more identical symbols that are next to one another. As you’ll see, this not only contributes to the Donkey Destruction function, but also delivers a payment and sets off the cascading winnings mechanism. There are eight different symbols, four rocks with lower payouts and four jewels with higher ones. The premium cluster pays off anywhere from 10x to 250x your bet and consists of 18 or more symbols. Diamonds are a must-have in every mining simulation, and here one has been discovered in the wild. Wilds can be used in place of any conventional pay sign to complete a cluster, but they have no monetary worth themselves.

Slot Game Features in Miner’s Donkey Trouble

This is when things start to get complicated, with a slew of optional extras that greatly expand the scope of the game. A possible source of the donkey’s anger is that he has grown tired of explaining these things to the miner. Cascading wins, the Donkey Destruction Meter, the Pick-axe Wild feature, Mega Symbols, and free games are all discussed here.

The cascade is the norm. They activate after a win, clearing the winning cluster so that fresh symbols can cluster up in its place and result in further wins on the same spin.

With each victory, the Donkey Destruction meter to the left of the grid fills up a little bit more. If the total hits a specific threshold, more adjustments will be made:

When 18 donkeys are on the board, Donkey Destruction 1 is activated, wiping out all rock icons.

All gem and rock symbols on the grid are destroyed when 40 symbols activate Donkey Destruction 2.

If you reach to 50 symbols, you’ll trigger Donkey Destruction 3, which wipes out everything on the grid except Golden Nuggets and awards an additional 5 Golden Nuggets if you’re lucky.

Watch out for the worthless Golden Nuggets that stand alone in the clusters. However, Golden Nuggets are eliminated and the win multiplier is increased by +1 when they appear on or reach the bottom row of the grid. Any subsequent winnings are multiplied by this amount; the multiplier is reset at the beginning of the next paid spin.

The Miner’s Pick-axe is another unique symbol that can only be formed into new symbols by cascading. As part of Pick-axe Wild, they are gathered once they have been removed. When a winning streak comes to an end, the random placement of 4-10 wilds onto the grid is triggered.

The Mega Symbol feature is activated at random on losing spins or after a winning sequence has ended. When this feature is used, a second rock, gem, or wild sign of any size can be superimposed on the grid.

The free spins bonus round has arrived. Only in cascades do dynamite scatters appear, and they explode after all winnings have been resolved. If you detonate three of them, you’ll get five free spins that may be retriggered up to a maximum of twenty times. The gameplay is quite similar to the standard version, with the added bonus of the win multiplier not being reset between spins.

Case of the Slotted Donkey Miners

That’s a lot to take in, but Play’n GO has skillfully crafted Miner Donkey Trouble so that you won’t feel overwhelmed or stuck. Cascades lead to additional features, which in turn lead to free spins, as is customary in high-quality grid-based slots. Play’n Go makes the most of a seemingly overdone topic by providing impressive graphics, interesting effects, and a lighthearted touch.

When it comes to grid slot machines, Miner Donkey Trouble’s has just about everything a player could want. When compared to popular games like Reactoonz, its benefits are superior. Play’n GO has recently made it a pattern to increase the maximum payout on their slot machines, and Miner Donkey Trouble is no exception to this rule. Unlike the majority of the studio’s prior releases in this genre, this mine’s potential rewards can go as high as 10,000x the wager. While it has a high success rate and a medium volatility, it might feel like you’re making no progress at times. Rare as they may be, bonuses often do little more than partially reimburse your base game loses and put you back where you started.

Still, put it all together, and you get Play’n GO’s other good grid spot. Picking a gold mining theme will achieve that; it lacks the originality of the Reactoonz series. However, it’s hard to ignore the allure of the game’s massive jackpots, fun gameplay, outstanding design, and plenty of other great features.

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